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Ini Kali kah?

I woke up this morning to the loss of the opposition party in the GE 2013 of Malaysia. I was sad, I was disheartened, and I was disappointed. I was so sure, so hopeful, that a change would come, but it didn’t. So I started thinking: Was I conceited? Is there really no hope? Were we fighting a war we were never meant to win? Or is it just not time yet?

Below are the assumptions I’ve made to give myself a clearer picture:

As of 2013, the Malaysian population sits at around 28 million. Let’s just assume that 1/3 of that are of legal voting age and are registered voters – that leaves us with around 9 million people. Break that down into different demographics: internet savvy, literacy rate, cultural backgrounds, frame of reference, care factor and political interest. What does that leave us with? Probably people like you and I. If the Malaysian population is one huge funnel, after all that filtering, we are merely a small group of people trickling out of other end of that funnel, a small percentile, at most.

We lost. It is a huge blow to us, it’s depressing, and I don’t like it any more than the next opposition supporter, so we say it’s the phantom voters, the blackout, the fake ballot papers, the tampering and the cheating. We were supposed to win!! We were robbed! We were supposed to be the majority! But are we? Do we only see what we want to see? Was I so caught up in my little social media bubble that I have failed to see bigger picture? Were we really the voice of our people? Regardless of all the dirty tactics, we lost. That is the cold, hard truth, and it is time to wake up and smell the coffee.

How do we fight against the government? The ruling party who have had their iron fists wrapped around our country for the past 57 years? The same ruling party with power over the Electoral Commission, the Army, and pretty much all forms of media? Did we really think it was going to be a fair fight? No. Hell no. Of course not. They will never give up so easily. The time is near, a revolution has begun, but the time has not come. Not yet.


Above is a graph taken from my previous post about the law of diffusion of innovation. Maybe we are just the early adopters, and until we hit the chasm, the tipping point, it won’t happen. Please do not be mistaken, our time will come, it may not be this time, but the wheels are already in motion. This revolution will happen if it is truly the will of our people. We just need to spread the word, raise awareness, realise that we are the minority. We may be right, we may be better, but we are the minority. Until we achieve critical mass, we haven’t won; but until we achieve critical mass, we haven’t lost either.

One day, we will stand united as a nation, a nation so strong that the government fears our wrath. One day, they will run out of fake ballot papers to bring in. One day, they will need to smuggle the whole of Bangladesh just to make it a closer fight. One day, for every illegitimate voter they pay to vote for them, there will be 10 Malaysians who will out vote him. One day, for every person they try to prevent from voting for the opposition, there will be 10 Malaysians who will vote in his/her place. One day, for every bag of fake ballot papers, there will be 10 legitimate bags to take its place. One day, dirty tactics will not matter. One day, we will rise to the occasion, we will prevail. That day may not be here yet, but we will fight until it comes. They wanted a 1Malaysia right? Let’s show them 1Malaysia.



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