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My Business Partner’s Excuse

So I’ve been working on an business idea for a few months now with my long time friend, famous food blogger Ms. I Hua. I would like to start by saying that we are in the early stages of planning, and we are progressing slower than I would’ve liked us to. Growing impatient, I drafted a document for her to review and fill in some gaps so we can get the ball rolling in certain areas.

2 weeks have passed and I haven’t heard a thing, so needless to say, I wasn’t pleased. After following up with her a few times, she finally got back to me with a page long email, explaining her absence, and her excuse went something like this:

From: Lim, Sandra 
Sent: Tuesday, 28 June 2011
To: Khor, Alex
Subject: RE:

Hi Ya.. yes I’m back and yes I did read the plan briefly… sorry for taking a while to respond.. I’ve been distracted of late… And I’ll explain 🙂

So this last weekend, A and I celebrated our 10th anniversary.

Let me tell you a story…

This all started out 3 weeks ago, when I decided to plan a weekend getaway for us about 3.5 hours away near the border of New South Wales and Victoria in a little town called Beechworth.

I thought it would be quite sweet and I sort of know the chef/owner of the place we would be staying and dining in. (The Provenance).

So, I went out and got A a card, and in it I wrote:

For your 10th anniversary special, I would like to take you away for a weekend and wine you and dine you to celebrate our love”…

He thought it sounded really dodgy, but then got more and more excited.

So that was the story for that week.

Until, I started thinking in my head… over and over.. What if…

So for the last two weeks, I’ve been (with the help of my two best friends and my sister through the powers of the internet) have been choosing a suitable man-gagement ring for Aaron.

Under stealth, I stole one of his rings (one which he bought when we were to go to Egypt to pretend to be my husband)… chose the ring and designed, sized etc (in 1 week), talk about last minute.

I also had colluded with the chef…

So come the night of Sunday, we walked into a FULL HOUSE packed restaurant, and were seated right next to the fireplace.

I was freaking out as there were so many people…

Thank goodness for degustations and tasting menus…

We had our dinner and as per the norm, had the camera out to take pictures of the food. Aaron was busy chatting away about the food, etc… I was trying to listen and not be scatter-brained.. Which worked right until the last dish, and I was very distracted.. HE didn’t notice a thing.. Happily oblivious I say!

By the time our dessert arrived, there were only 2 tables left… a couple in the corner next to us, and a large group of family on the far end of the restaurant…

The chef personally came out to introduced the last dessert dish to us (Aaron didn’t think anything of it, as this happens quite often when you dine with me)…

So the chef said, “this is your dessert, blah blah blah.. ” and put my dish in front of me… (All the while HE – the chef – was grinning wildly)…

And then he looked at Aaron and placed his dessert in front of him…

Aaron looked at the plate and was stunned!

On the plate… all around the dessert, it read, “Will you marry me, babe?”

Remember, that Aaron was still holding the camera… so he was in so much shock, he looked at me (had a weird grin on his face) looked at the chef (who promptly said, “I’ll leave you to it).. And then back at the plate and back at me, and then… robotic like, took a picture of the plate…

Then looked at me again…

I told him, “babe, you can put the camera aside for now… Here is your ring…”

And he still looked at me like a surprised happy fish… and said, “How do you know my ring size?”

And then I said, “What is your answer??”

And he realised that he didn’t say anything… so he nodded his head like a little boy, said, “Yes Yes!”

I got up and gave him a kiss 🙂

Our waiter was hiding around the corner to see if it was all good, and when I gave him the thumbs up, he came out with the Chef, two glasses and a bottle of champagne…

So my dear… I guess…

A and I are engaged 🙂

I mean, that was some excuse, and I’m overjoyed, and I had to share it with you.

Congratulations my dear friends!

ps: I’m still waiting on that doco.



One thought on “My Business Partner’s Excuse

  1. Yeah yeah yeah.. going to brain drain and get you that document 😛 HUGS

    Posted by msihua | 29/06/2011, 10:27 PM

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