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The Root of Root-Raters

There seems to be a spike in the number of “Root-Rater” sites lately and I have been reading a lot of news articles covering the bans and take downs of these sites across the web.

A Root-Rater is a site where users post ratings of their sex partners. Most of these sites are created using Facebook group pages and they are very localized and location-based, said to have originated from Brisbane. As you can imagine, many nasty things would’ve been posted about the “subjects”.

As you must have already been aware of, the masses have a problem with these sites because of sexual objectification and I am all for the banning and policing that is put in place around the issue, don’t get me wrong, but I have a greater concern for the root cause of the Root-Raters, no pun intended.

Fact is, the younger, more tech savvy generation is taking over the world. Much of what we do, we do online – networking, learning, buying, and researching just to name a few. What do you do before you buy a product or try a service? You do your research online, you read reviews, you compare the pros and cons and you make your decision based on your findings. That’s what a Root-Rater is at its most primitive form (if you take away the human factor of it), a rating system. It’s an abused rating system at best, but it is a rating system nonetheless.

It is in our nature to compare, rate and differentiate. It is how we analyze, rationalize and decide. If it’s the same for everything else that we do in life, why should this be any different? How will bans and punishments change this mentality? What are the schools doing about this? What are the educators doing about this? And why is this even their burden to bear? Can we really blame anyone for the rate that the new world is changing that no educational curriculum can keep up?

We have been taught to only measure the things we can, like statistics, numbers, and revenue, because it is easier. We have been told to ignore the abstract, because it is hard, and if we can’t measure love, integrity, and happiness, why bother right?

Maybe it is time to go back to our roots, to not ignore the things that are harder to measure, to educate ourselves to live right, to learn to treat people right.



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