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Give back, now.

What does your frame of reference tell you about your financial situation? You don’t make enough? You don’t earn as much as your colleague, Warren Buffett, Richard Branson? You don’t have enough money?

And what do you tell yourself when it comes to giving back to the community, to helping those in need? I know what I used to tell myself. I used to think that even if I give what little I have, it probably wouldn’t make a difference,  so I should make more money now and when I’m hugely successful I’ll give back on a grander scale. I was a fool.

South Asian Tsunami in 2004, Haiti earthquake 2010, Queensland flood 2010-2011 and Japan earthquake 2011, if most people think the way I did and held back from lending a helping hand, how many lives would’ve been lost? Now fast forward to a few days ago: I was walking down Collins Street to work and I saw a homeless person. I stopped, asked him what his story was and gave him a 5 dollar note because he hadn’t eaten for days. Now imagine if I were to say… 5 dollars isn’t going to change his life so I’ll come back when I have more. And if everyone were to do  the same thing, he’d have starved to death long before anyone got back to him.

I’ll admit that I’m guilty of having that mentality for many, many years and I’m quite certain that I’m not the only one. What is the problem? I believe the problem lies within the perception of rich vs. poor. You’ll never think that you are rich enough because it’s embedded in your DNA to want more, be better, climb higher. But check this, if you are reading this entry now, you are rich enough. You’re rich enough to have access to the internet: via your PC/monitor/keyboard/mouse, laptop, tablet or smart phone, all of which are luxury items accessible only to 21% of the world’s population. Still think you’re not rich enough?

I have decided to start helping now, because every little dent makes a difference, because I don’t have to wait until I am making a huge profit to make a difference, and most importantly, the people who need help now, need it now. And if I manage to get my business up and running, it will start giving back right away, just like I will.

Lastly, I’d like to leave you with an exceptionally heart-warming video of Mark Bezos at TED. Thank you Mark, you’re a great inspiration to me.



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