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A spin on the time-space continuum

What does Seth Godin, Heru Ptah and Jason Fried have in common? Well, they are my inspiration for this entry.

“If God created everything and is everywhere, then why is God in church and not in the brothel? And if God is in both, why do I have to go to church?” Twisted logic, some might say. Twisted? maybe, logical? Definitely.

Why? Because there is a time and place for everything, with good reason too. I’m not saying that you should visit the brothel, it was only used as an example so feel free to replace “brothel” with “veggie patch” or “local post office”.

Speaking of offices, when was the last time you wanted to focus/get some work done without interruption and went to the office? If not the office, where? Or when? Some people get more done when they are at home, in a quiet café, library, even on a plane.

I find it easier to concentrate late at night, at home. That’s my time-space continuum, what’s yours? Are you making full use of it?



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