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The customer is always right, right?

We’re all too familiar with this age-old adage. “The customer is always right.”, because they pay money they should be served like kings. Should they? I know that there are many debates going on out there about this but I just want to state my rebuttal in a simple and straight forward manner.

If the customer is always right, then the businesses must always be wrong, right?

And if the businesses are always wrong, won’t they be out of business already?

The whole economic system as we know it would collapse. The fact of the matter is, the term “customer” is too loosely defined in this context. Customers are people too, and with people, you will always get a mix of the good and the bad. How should customers be any different?

There will always be people who abuse the term “customer is always right”.

There will always be jerk-offs trying to pass themselves off as customers.

There will always be customers who are rude.

There will always be customers who are unreasonable.

And there will always be customers who are wrong.

No one is always right. After all, these rude, unreasonable, wrong jerk-offs have to buy something from somewhere, right?

When your business runs into such customers, and you will, whose side will you be on? The customer who is always right? Or your employee who has worked for you, with you?

What kind of example are you setting?

What sort of impact will it have on your troop’s morale?

You hire employees to serve your customers. Treat them right so they have the capacity to treat customers right.



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