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Give back, now.

What does your frame of reference tell you about your financial situation? You don’t make enough? You don’t earn as much as your colleague, Warren Buffett, Richard Branson? You don’t have enough money? And what do you tell yourself when it comes to giving back to the community, to helping those in need? I know … Continue reading

The Fair Game

Many businesses would pride themselves in treating their customers fairly, in other words, everyone gets the same treatment – we are equal after all, aren’t we? Question is: Does every customer want the same treatment? Are they after the same thing? Do they have different expectations? The answer is: Yes. If customers want to be … Continue reading

A spin on the time-space continuum

What does Seth Godin, Heru Ptah and Jason Fried have in common? Well, they are my inspiration for this entry. “If God created everything and is everywhere, then why is God in church and not in the brothel? And if God is in both, why do I have to go to church?” Twisted logic, some … Continue reading

The customer is always right, right?

We’re all too familiar with this age-old adage. “The customer is always right.”, because they pay money they should be served like kings. Should they? I know that there are many debates going on out there about this but I just want to state my rebuttal in a simple and straight forward manner. If the … Continue reading

The Law of Diffusion of Innovation

How many of you have learned about the law of diffusion of innovation? Most people with a marketing background would’ve at least heard of this law. Coming from an IT background, I had no such privilege; it came to me in the form of a Simon Sinek TED Talk video. The law explains how a … Continue reading