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NAB’s latest ad campaign – Break up

Most of you would’ve seen or heard of NAB’s latest ad – the break up, featuring NAB’s break up with the other members of the big four banks. Some of you may like it, some may not. Personally I think it takes more than just a “smart” campaign to make up for all the trouble NAB caused for its customers over the week-long breakdown, but that’s just me, what I want to talk about is a totally different thing altogether.

Have any of you noticed NAB staff on the streets(mainly outside their branches) sporting a t-shirt saying “We broke up with the other banks, ask us why”? I have. I saw a lady on the way to work wearing that t-shirt and I thought:”Cool, they mean business.” As I looked up from her t-shirt, I realised that I must’ve been staring at the most un-willing, unhappy, bitter face anyone can wear on a Monday morning. I was taken aback, wow this lady must be really into her role, she really looks like she just broke up. Here’s the real question: Would you approach someone who looked like she just lost her left leg and ask her why she broke up? or ask her anything at all for that matter? I wouldn’t. Maybe she was having a really tough day, maybe she didn’t want to be standing out in the cold talking to customers, who knows? Whatever the reason, putting her there wasn’t the right move.

After spending what I would assume to be hundreds of thousands of dollars for an ad campaign, I would think that NAB’s marketing team would be more careful in the placement of their frontline staff, after all, they are the ones who are interacting with potential customers on the streets, and no one would approach a sour puss, not even to ask for directions.

Lesson: Horses for courses. Pick the right people do to the right jobs and focus on what really matters when it comes to your customers. If there seems to be a disconnect between your strategy and your customer facing function, you lose credibility, no matter how smart your strategy is.



2 thoughts on “NAB’s latest ad campaign – Break up

  1. I know I’m slow but I only just found your blog 😀 so thought I’d leave a comment. You wonder why the NAB employee was miserable? I’ve just received more information on the dysfunctional nature of this corporate monstrosity and the main focus is the pressure placed on staff. It wouldn’t surprise me if the poor woman had been told to get out there and sell the brand otherwise she won’t get paid. It seems everything is performance based and target driven. Staff who don’t perform are either shown the door or quit when they can’t take the pressure cooker environment anymore. I am no longer surprised that there are so many NAB victims out there – seeing as NAB pays a tidy bonus for approved loans and they never report employee fraud to police.
    Although I must confess that I am extremely biased as I am a victim of NAB employee fraud (I was advised by a Judge to sue them for damages, so I am)

    Posted by Rosie | 06/09/2011, 10:41 AM
    • Better late than never 🙂 Such is the life of a wage earner isn’t it? You’re paid to perform a task and if you don’t, you get fired. My main concern is that they don’t realize what impact a disgruntled employee has on their image as a whole, and this doesn’t apply to NAB alone.

      Thanks for the comment Rosie, keep us posted on your NAB employee fraud court case and all the best with Pets to Go!

      Posted by Alex Khor | 06/09/2011, 12:04 PM

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