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Youtube killed the TV star

Just like how video killed the radio star, YouTube killed the TV star. No I am not saying that old media is dead, I’m simply making an observation, that the reign of TV is over.

Do you remember how TV stations attempted to get viewers involved using games like Pac-Man and Space Invaders? Where viewers can dial in, pay a fee per minute and play with other viewers using their remote controls? It was a good try, but it failed. Online video sites like YouTube and Vimeo however, succeeded where TV failed, that is to engage users in the way that TV could not.

The reasons why I think YouTube is the new King:

  • No barrier of entry – As long as you have internet connection, a PC/laptop/mobile device and a camera, you can login and watch or post videos.
  • No time constraint – The videos are always available to you at any time you wish to watch them, provided that the videos aren’t removed by YouTube or the owners of said videos.
  • Viewer interaction – You can post comments, give feedback and have a realtime discussion with fellow viewers.

YouTube is everything TV can offer and more – because it gives the public a voice, it makes people feel that their voices can be heard, that is the most empowering thing about YouTube.  While old media will not cease to exist, the web will invade and integrate with each of them, dethroning the king of the past few decades of our lives.

Goodbye TV, it’s been fun.



2 thoughts on “Youtube killed the TV star

  1. Nice blog man. You write really well. No, this is not spam! Lol. *sings video killed the radio star*~ No new song for youtube yet. Ah, not forgetting the ability to churn out new youtube stars as well.

    Posted by Kim Ong | 22/02/2011, 9:07 PM

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