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Changing the game

So my mobile phone contract has expired and I have a dilemma.  I was using an iPhone 3GS, I want to upgrade to the latest iPhone but it will be a few months before Apple announces the latest iPhone. It wouldn’t make sense to just get the iPhone 4 so close to the release of the new one. I ended up looking at the Windows phone 7 and Google based Android OS mobiles.

I liked the design interface of the new windows phone but I didn’t like the hardware it came in. On the other hand, I liked the hardware on Android OS but not the OS itself. And it dawned upon me that it’s ridiculous how they would put restrictions around smart phones. Why can’t I pick my own phone with my own operating system? Why can’t I buy the OS and the hardware separately? Someone should set up shop and offer customisation of OS and hardware. I’ll be willing to pay. Thoughts anyone?



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