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Et tu, Brute?

Et tu, Brute?” were rumored to be the last words uttered by Julius Caesar the Roman Emperor to his close friend Brutus, right before Brutus stabbed him to death. Since then, this quote has been used to convey the feeling of utmost disbelief in betrayal.

The ironic thing about betrayal, is that it often comes when you least expect it, from the person you least expect to betray you. Then again, if you had known about it, if you’d have seen it coming, it’s not really betrayal anymore is it? I guess  at the end of the day, betrayal is betrayal regardless of whether you see it coming or not.

I know someone who would do anything to get ahead of the game, to be on top, with no regards to work ethics whatsoever. This person does not realise that she is burning bridges, making more enemies than friends as she goes on a warpath to success. She doesn’t realise that who she treads on the way up, she will have to pass on the way down. I fear for her, I fear that the day she will utter those 3 words will come soon. I fear that her end is nigh.

This post is a reminder to myself about integrity, about values, about ethics. Most of all, it’s a reminder of all that goes beyond doing what is right, it’s about treating people the way you would want to be treated.




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