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NAB’s latest ad campaign – Break up

Most of you would’ve seen or heard of NAB’s latest ad – the break up, featuring NAB’s break up with the other members of the big four banks. Some of you may like it, some may not. Personally I think it takes more than just a “smart” campaign to make up for all the trouble … Continue reading

Twitter Advertisements

I bumped into an old friend Kim on the way to work, we got to talking about social media advertising, and Twitter came up. She was telling me about people getting paid to post ads on twitter and it reminded me of John Mayer’s Campbell soup deal(Seriously, what a bad move). Ben Rowe posted something … Continue reading

Youtube killed the TV star

Just like how video killed the radio star, YouTube killed the TV star. No I am not saying that old media is dead, I’m simply making an observation, that the reign of TV is over. Do you remember how TV stations attempted to get viewers involved using games like Pac-Man and Space Invaders? Where viewers … Continue reading

Changing the game

So my mobile phone contract has expired and I have a dilemma.  I was using an iPhone 3GS, I want to upgrade to the latest iPhone but it will be a few months before Apple announces the latest iPhone. It wouldn’t make sense to just get the iPhone 4 so close to the release of … Continue reading

Interesting perspectives

Perception is reality. We often see things on the surface, things we perceive to be real, and it becomes our reality. When different people have different views, they conjure their own realities; and these realities clash. These different opinions make us who we are, these differences define the human race. I have a habit of … Continue reading

Et tu, Brute?

“Et tu, Brute?” were rumored to be the last words uttered by Julius Caesar the Roman Emperor to his close friend Brutus, right before Brutus stabbed him to death. Since then, this quote has been used to convey the feeling of utmost disbelief in betrayal. The ironic thing about betrayal, is that it often comes … Continue reading

Invert. Always Invert.

I’ve recently chanced upon a book called The Snowball – Warren Buffett and the business of life by Alice Schroeder. It was by far the most enlightening book I’ve read in ages. I’ve learned many a thing from it but one teaching really left its mark on me. The man who said it wasn’t Buffett, … Continue reading

Google – The death of ignorance.

If you are reading this post, Chances are you know Google. Every once in a while, a product or service will come along and change our lives as we know it. Google was one of them. Google single-handedly killed ignorance, or should I say – Google killed the excuse; the excuse of not knowing, because … Continue reading


Why? The age-old question and possibly the reason to all things revolutionary in the history of mankind to date. Seeing as this is my first post, it would be totally appropriate for me to get way ahead of myself and give this question a run for its money – “Why are we here?” Or rather, … Continue reading